In Memory of Gary Brown – Guitarist and All Around Good Bloke

It was with great sadness I learned of the passing of Gary Brown on 17th June 2012.

When I lived in Tamworth in the late 90′s I decided to record some of the songs that I had written over the years. I was told I should contact Gary Brown which I did.  Initially I had intended to record  a basic pitching CD,  but after we had begun the process Gary encouraged me to go the extra yard and produce a commercial CD as he thought the songs were sounding “pretty good”. I sat beside him on and off for almost a year as he meticulously produced my album of originals. Songs off the album “True to Country” went on to be finalist in a number of Awards and even won a couple. Its now 13 years since the album was released and it is still selling and receiving good feedback on the musicainship and production.

During the process I was fortunate enough to meet Gary’s family. Geoff was still alive then and used to come and sit on his stool outside the studio screen door and listen to what we were doing. If Gary and I got stuck he would offer words of advice. It’s still always a great pleasure to catch up with Beryl, Cheryl, and Daryle or to have Greg working the dials at gig

Gary was a hugh Buck Owens fan and loved to reminice about his early days in the country music scene when it was thriving. I soon came to realise that Gary was highly regarded as a guitar player and held a special place in peoples hearts.

Gary was not like anyone else, he had his own special way about him and marched to his own beat. There were no airs or graces about Gary, he completely understated his talents and praised everyone else’s. He was always genuinely happy to see you and share your company. My only complaint was that he never turned his guitar up loud enough on stage. A man with such enormous talent deserved to be heard more but that was Gary, unassuming and humble.

He had a good eight years on me but always looked about ten years younger. I guess the weight of the world was always a little  lighter on his shoulders and a smile always at the ready.

We will all miss him but it is impossible to think of Gary and not feel good because he had that effect on those who knew him.

I cannot help but think though that he will have already traded a harp for a blond tele.


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  1. Unassuming and humble – 2 words that keep popping up in everyone’s memories of my cousin, Gary Brown.

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