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8/9/12 – Coast to Coast Festival – Sarina QLD

I will be joining Bruce McCumstie ( Willie) Rob Wilson ( Waylon) and Alan Bowles ( Cash) as a stand in for Bryen Willams ( Kris) in the 4 Highwaymen tribute show at the Coast to Coast Festival at Sarina in QLD on the 8th September 2012.

Brushing up on my Kristofferson songs. Should be a hoot

In Memory of Gary Brown – Guitarist and All Around Good Bloke

It was with great sadness I learned of the passing of Gary Brown on 17th June 2012.

When I lived in Tamworth in the late 90′s I decided to record some of the songs that I had written over the years. I was told I should contact Gary Brown which I did.  Initially I had intended to record  a basic pitching CD,  but after we had begun the process Gary encouraged me to go the extra yard and produce a commercial CD as he thought the songs were sounding “pretty good”. I sat beside him on and off for almost a year as he meticulously produced my album of originals. Songs off the album “True to Country” went on to be finalist in a number of Awards and even won a couple. Its now 13 years since the album was released and it is still selling and receiving good feedback on the musicainship and production.

During the process I was fortunate enough to meet Gary’s family. Geoff was still alive then and used to come and sit on his stool outside the studio screen door and listen to what we were doing. If Gary and I got stuck he would offer words of advice. It’s still always a great pleasure to catch up with Beryl, Cheryl, and Daryle or to have Greg working the dials at gig

Gary was a hugh Buck Owens fan and loved to reminice about his early days in the country music scene when it was thriving. I soon came to realise that Gary was highly regarded as a guitar player and held a special place in peoples hearts.

Gary was not like anyone else, he had his own special way about him and marched to his own beat. There were no airs or graces about Gary, he completely understated his talents and praised everyone else’s. He was always genuinely happy to see you and share your company. My only complaint was that he never turned his guitar up loud enough on stage. A man with such enormous talent deserved to be heard more but that was Gary, unassuming and humble.

He had a good eight years on me but always looked about ten years younger. I guess the weight of the world was always a little  lighter on his shoulders and a smile always at the ready.

We will all miss him but it is impossible to think of Gary and not feel good because he had that effect on those who knew him.

I cannot help but think though that he will have already traded a harp for a blond tele.


Finalist ISC – Americana Category

My song ”Nothing Takes You Off My Mind” is into the finals of the Americana Category of the International Songwriting Contest.

My song ” Right at Home” also made it to the semi final stage of the same category.

Chart News – The Graves Of Camooweal – #37 on Mildura Hot FM Top 100 Chart Week 2 Feb 2012

It’s been a long slow climb but my song about a visit to the Camooweal Grave Yard has jumped 7 places to Number 37 this week. Thanks to Hot FM for supporting country music. Thanks too to the Presenters in North Queensland who I’m told are giving me good airplay

2012 Tamworth Songwriter’s Salute Awards Finalist

I am very pleased that my song  ”The Graves Of Camooweal” has been selcted as a finalist in the Traditional Bush Ballad Section of the 2012 Tamworth Songwriter’s Salute Awards. Congratulations to all the other finalist listed below. I’m in good company.




Faded Shirt Of Blue – Peter Coad

Son Of The Red Dirt Country – Graham Rodger


The Graves Of Camooweal – Neville Anderson


Cattle Town – Ken Lindsay


Tough Times Don’t Last – Ken Lindsay

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2012

My Gig Listing for Tamworth

Saturday 21st – 1pm Balladeers Show with Keith Jamieson – ABBA  Homestead

Sunday 22nd – 12-2pm Square Man Inn  ( solo gig over lunch at Rob Breeze’s restaurant  opposite Joe Maguires  on Peel Street)

Monday 23rd – 12-2pm Longyard Song Writers   ( with Bob Corbett, Melody Pool and Lynda Barnes)

Monday 23rd    8:30 pm  City Bowling Club – Neville Anderson and friends ( With Jay Podger, Terry Gordon and Bec Hance)

Tuesday 24th – 11:45-12:15 Tamworth Shopping Centre  

 Tuesday 24th – 1PM Charlie Boyter Show – ABBA Homestead

Tuesday 24th -3-4pm Oasis     

Tuesday 24th – 6:15pm  TSA Showcase  Wests Outback Bar

Wednesday 25th- 12-2pm Square Man Inn   

Wednesday 25th-3:00 Pm City Bowling Club – Legends Show – with Dave Prior ( Merle Haggard ) ,  Terry Gordon ( Johnny Cash) Diane Lindsay ( Reg Lindsay) Neville Anderson (Waylon Jennings)

Thursday 26th – 10:45 TSA Stage Peel Stret

Thursday 26th – 12-2pm Square Man Inn     

Thursday 26th –4pm The Pub – Bill Chambers Show

Friday 27th – 12-2pm Square Man Inn

Saturday 28th

Sunday 29th – 3-4pm Oasis

Sunday 29th – 5PM South TAmworth Bowlo – with Reg Pool and Friends

Nothin’ Takes You Off My Mind – ISC Crank your Cred Winner for September


ISC is pleased to announce the Myspace ‘Crank Your Cred’ winners for the month of September, 2011:

Neville Anderson – (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) for the song “Nothin’ Takes You Off My Mind” entered in the Americana category

Olivia Borkosky and Michael Gora (Lime Parade) - (Guelph, ON, Canada) for the song “Easier” entered in the Dance/Electronica category

Each month, ISC picks two winners out of all entrants entering through MySpace. Then, at the end of ISC, the winner from each month will go head-to-head in an online public vote, and the winner will win lots of cool prizes and mega promotion! Go to http://www.myspace.com/isc to enter through MySpace. ISC will definitely Crank Your Cred!


What is ISC?

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels and promote excellence in the art of songwriting. Amateur and professional songwriters and musicians are invited to participate. ISC has the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting and music contests in the world, offering exposure and the opportunity to have your songs heard by the most influential decision-makers in the music industry.

Lonely Places Album Review – Country Music Capital News

Sound Advice

Lonely Places



It can be hard to find good, fair dinkum country music these days, but that’s exactly what NEVILLE ANDERSON’s delivered on his new album.  Neville is the real deal , from his gravelly, lived-in voice to his songs about life, love and loss.  And he sings straight from the heart. Produced by BILL CHAMBERS, this is an album that is true and authentic. The stories captivate your imagination and the characters come alive. Touching songs like Bandy the Rodeo Clown, Nothin’ Takes You Off My Mind and Fake It  ‘Til I Make It will bring tears to your eyes, while the delightful Bowling Club Blues will resonate with many country artists. Bill Chambers joins Neville for a duet on Pancho and Lefty, and BEC WILLIS sings with him on Sorrow. For me the highlights were the beautiful bush ballad Graves of Camooweal and the catchy Dance With The Devil, but this is an album full of great songs, presented in the true tradition of real country music. And what more could you ask for?




Country Music Capital News October 2011

Coopers Country Song Competition

Congratulations to Danny Hooper for taking out both sections of the Coopers Country Song competition with two different songs.